Hoofdstuk 12: hoe jouw Twitteraccount te beheren

Twitteraccounts slippen dicht. In Nederland Twitteren wij -met anno 2010 zo een 220.000 accounts- relatief zeer veel. Het beheer van de account is belangrijker dan ooit om kwaliteit te waarborgen. Zes gereedschappen om eenvoudig jouw account te managen:



  1. Qwitter– This is a great Twitter tool to use (and one that I personally adore). Signing up is free, and once you’re Twitter account is linked, Qwitter sends you an email notification when someone stops following you
  2. TwitBlocker– This is a nifty little tool that helps you manage the tweets of those folks you follow who are a little “chatty” (to put it nicely). You don’t want to delete them from your Twitter list, but you also don’t want to be receiving updates from them every two seconds. TwitBlocker to the rescue.
  3. My Tweeple-This tool allows you to check stats on the people who you follow and/or who follow you. You can review other peoples latest tweets as well as see the date of their last tweet (which may help you decide whether or not they are follow worthy).
  4. Twitterholic (aka: Twitaholic)- As the name may suggest, this tool allows you to search the most popular Twitter users out there. You can also obtain stats about your own Twitter account.
  5. Friend or Follow– A clever play on words, this tool allows you to find out who is not following you back on Twitter. You can also find out who you share friends with.
  6. MrTweet– A great tool that helps you find relevant followers by offering up recommendations. You can also check stats on your account as well as see who else is out there that might be worth following.

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